All too often, "purchasing" is the poor relation within an organisation, a necessary evil. Do you feel the same way?

If so, remember that staff and purchasing are the two biggest expenses in a company. Both can often make up to 45 percent each of the total expenditure. The buyer in a business is therefore very directly related to the operating result. And yet not every company is aware of this. The purchasing manager dangles somewhere under the production manager. Or countless employees place orders on their own initiative, make contracts or negotiate discounts.

In an organisation that takes a careful approach to purchasing, the internal guidelines on procurement are accurately defined and the purchasing manager is part of the management team. He realises that the first purchase ticket can only be written after appropriate reflection. He knows that every employee who “briefly” works on an order also costs money. And he sees that optimal purchasing - and the corresponding increase in the yield - is only possible if it is the focus of organisation-wide attention.

Analysis and advice from Rhenium can have a significant impact on your organisation. Major changes will not take place without a struggle and will also affect employees who are not (yet) thinking about their role in this process. Optimal purchasing sometimes requires a change in existing structures and thought patterns. That requires commitment, willpower and perseverance. Rhenium provides support gets the most out of your organisation.

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