Purchasing Consultancy

Purchasing aims to ensure that a product or service is at the right place at the right time and that its quality and price are good. Purchasing is more than completing an order form and waiting. In an optimal purchasing process, the manager concerned is aware of many additional aspects such as the number of invoices or credit notes in proportion to the number of orders, hidden costs or the method of engineering new products. Purchasing costs are influenced by a multitude of factors that must be properly assessed.

Rhenium analyses your current purchasing organisation, not only looking at the various processes within procurement but also the roles, responsibilities and powers of the employees involved. Rhenium then gives advice about optimising your purchasing process. If you wish, we can support your employees through any changes proposed on the basis of the preliminary process analysis. Thus Rhenium is directly involved in helping you improve your operating profit.

Project Purchasing

Rhenium acts on behalf of numerous clients in obtaining quotes and provides advice on evaluating the offers received. This is followed by consultations with suppliers, negotiations and finally translating the outcome into a clear purchase order. Rhenium takes this whole process off your hands and assures you that the entire project procurement runs as cost effectively as possible.

Grote projectmatige inkoopprocessen worden met visie door Rhenium behartigd, altijd in naam van en voor rekening van de opdrachtgever. De kosten van het advieswerk worden daarbij in feite onmiddellijk terugverdiend, doordat uw organisatie zich verzekert van significante besparingen.

Interim Purchasing Management

Rhenium can appoint an interim purchasing manager for you. The needs of your company will be assessed in advance. The interim purchase manager will work in your company on a part time basis based on a set number of hours. The manager will coach your staff where necessary so that you can be sure that any plan is actually implemented. Motivation is important here - and John van den Heuvel of Rhenium is a manager who knows how to get people excited.

ISO 9000 in the purchasing process

Quality assurance systems demand great motivation, commitment and knowledge of all employees in the company. Where the systems concern purchasing, Rhenium can support your company with knowledge and experience in this field. Rhenium also advises on the introduction of the ISO 9000 quality management system. .

International purchasing experience

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